Key Stage 3: 11-14 Years Food Styling

Introduction to Module

The visual appearance of a dish is as important as its flavour.

The aim of this module is to help pupils understand the importance of how food is presented and provide tips and visual ideas and examples of how food can be presented and styled.

This will enable them to improve how they style and present their dishes.

Suggested Classroom Activities

  • View the powerpoint presentation.
  • Ask pupils to find 10 different images/ photographs of a particular dish eg – cooked rack of Lamb. Use these as a discussion session – which image do they prefer? which one looks more appealing? Why is it more appealing?  how has it been styled. Write up a conclusion to the task what have they learnt from the task?
  • Practical lesson – ask pupils to bring in different props to style their cooked dish, eg different coloured or shaped plates, cloths – different textures eg hessian, denim. When the dish is cooked experiment with different presentation styles, take photographs. Evaluate results.
  • Encourage pupils to research current food trends in particular how the food is styled, presented and photographed. Look at food magazines, websites, blogs, recipe books etc.

Classroom Presentation

Food Presentation & Styling

Food Presentation & Styling

Learn all about food presentation and styling.